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January 13, 2016
by communic

Geek Gadgets and Gifts

New Geek Gear for 2015

Every new year seems to bring amazing breakthroughs in new technology. Whether it’s new cell phones, new tablets or new wearable tech it’s all fun to test out and pick a few gadgets to add to your tech collection.

Here Are 5 Unique Gadgets You Might Not Know About

Then, of course, there are those technologies that seem so far out there, so futuristic that they should only exist in the movies or books. But technological advances that seemed light years away in the past are becoming reality at an almost alarming rate.

Check out these 15 Futuristic Technologies You’ll See in Your Lifetime

Last but not least are the tech gadgets you’ve seen in futuristic movies that are a reality. Back to the Future Part II is one of the movies from the past that show some of the best technology. Unfortunately, not all of it is a reality yet like flying cars and time travel but take a look at some of the tech from that epic movie that is a reality today.

11 Things Back to the Future II Gave Us Before 2015

Whether the tech is real or still just fiction of the movies, what’s undeniable is the fascination humans have for technology and gadgets. Do we need all of the technology that has been created? Probably not. But there is no denying that we love to see new tech and can’t wait each year to see what the best developments are.

The days are gone when you could ignore technology and even function in your daily life without it. In the modern world you have to know how to use an iPad, pair a Bluetooth speaker, deal with a cracked screen or even carry your own iPhone repair tool kit to fix that broken screen. You need tools and resources to not only find the latest and greatest tech but also be able to take care of them and repair them at times.

Whole new industries have sprouted in the last 20 years just to keep up with new technologies and advances. From Best Buy and Amazon where you can find and purchase your tech to the local computer and iPhone repair shop where you can get it fixed. Tech has replaced agriculture as the commodity of developed countries. You might not know how to milk a cow or bale hay but you almost certainly can download apps to your Android.

Who knows what the next 25 years will bring. Maybe by the 50th anniversary of Back to the Future II we will have flying cars, re-hydrated food or time travel. There are innovators out there working on that and many more technological advances today. Who would have believed 25 years ago that we would have small, portable cell phones that have more computing power in a small case than all of NASA in 1969, the year we put a man on the moon?



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